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Basics for better decisions

Military and intelligence agencies around the world have been using Red Teaming for years to overcome challenges of all kinds. In particular, they use it for all major decisions. And now you can do that too. Over the last few years, we have adapted these powerful techniques to the specific needs of companies like yours and executives like yours.

Why Red Teaming?

Red Teaming was developed by intelligence agencies and military personnel to help them make better decisions quickly in complex environments.

Simple to implement

Red Teaming is a collection of different techniques. You can start with simple techniques and build on them to introduce more advanced methods later. Use only the possibilities you need in the current situation. Completely agile.

Leverage existing knowledge

Your employees sit directly at the source of knowledge. They already work where problems arise and decisions have to be made. You can use exactly this knowledge to better involve your employees and put decisions on a broader basis. It's not about democratic decisions, but about developing the best ideas and making better decisions on this basis.

Developed in the toughest environments in the world

Many methods were developed in crisis areas of the world and implemented within the framework of military, i.e. rigid hierarchies. If they work there, they will work even better in a company with additional agility. Red Teaming for companies was especially adapted to the challenges of the business world.

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Military and intelligence agencies around the world have been using it for years to overcome the greatest challenges. They use it in all major decisions. Now you can do the same. In recent years, we've adapted these powerful techniques to the unique needs of companies like yours and executives like yours.

Use the knowledge of your team

There are people in your organization who know what to do, and there are other people in your organization who know what not to do. Somebody must hear their voices because it's all about making the best idea to win.

Challenge your assumptions

Before you decide, make a list of all the assumptions on which you base it, and ask yourself how certain you are that they will prove to be true.

Play the devil's advocate

What if the best option is the one you haven't even considered? Challenge yourself and your team to find at least two more alternatives and determine which one is the best.

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André brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in IT and business, making him the perfect link between the two increasingly merging worlds.

Kai Dünges, Director, Commerzbank AG

"With Mr. Daus, we were able to gain a trainer who has extensive technical and IT know-how. He understood how to prepare the topics to be discussed in the best possible way, both in terms of scope and time frame. Thanks to his excellent didactic skills, he could always convey the material understandably and practically. His pleasant and communicative way promoted an enjoyable and trusting learning and working atmosphere."

Ulrich Keitel, Managing Director, setis GmbH

Andre Daus stands for clear communication. There are few humans the core of a circumstance with exact words; one could also say relentlessly, so on the point bring like Andre. At first glance, the problem analysis and the resulting solution proposals often appear surprising or innovative. He works purposefully with great perseverance during the investigation, never being satisfied with "does not work".

Wolfram Himpel, Managing Director, Helioceraptor GmbH & Co KG


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