best practice ist nicht immer die richtige antwort

Why Best Practice is not always the right answer

Last week the fire department was with us. Or rather in the neighborhood. The reason was a faulty fire alarm. Already in the night, at 3.00 o'clock this went off. If you don't know a fire alarm very well, it is difficult to find out if it is an alarm clock in your own house, an alarm system of a car or house or even a fire alarm.

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The Nokia case

The Nokia case shows with many examples what led to the fact that the former world market leader is no longer where it once was. We investigated what could have been better.

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A costly question was not even asked

The food company manager heard about two lonely older men who had developed a production method for excellent orange flavor in a makeshift laboratory. At first glance, this may sound banal, but the orange aroma is complicated to produce and, in a baking mix, makes the difference between an average and an excellent product.

wie unwahrscheinlich kann das schon sein annahmen

How unlikely could that be?

Martin worked in the Foreign Service for fifteen years. He had come a long way. Promotions came as quickly as the system allowed. When he was stationed in a Southeast Asian metropolis, five high-ranking ministry officials announced their visit for the next few months. Numerous meetings and social events were planned for the occasion, and Martin suggested that the visitors have lunch at his home.


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