Relieve your employees and create space for creativity

Do you know a company without employees? Probably not, because even if it is only the entrepreneur per se, every company consists of at least one employee. In most cases, there are even far more, because after all, the company's service has to be earned. The purpose behind it is always to provide a particular added value for the customer. However, this is only created by the employees.


Very often, I talk about new technologies, digitalization, and everything that is connected with it. Now you might get the idea that a company could also operate purely digitally. But even digital companies that don't offer physical products, such as Google or Facebook, employ thousands of people. So in companies, someone has to do the work to provide added value for the customer.

Employees want to develop themselves

If we think about current technologies and digitalization, there are always ways for companies to reduce their employees' workload. Recently, talked about botsthat can reduce the workload of employees, and elsewhere I spoke of assembly line work, which I would like to mention here again as an example. In the past, people sat next to each other in a row, and everyone did the same job repeatedly. This was very efficient. After all, the employees only had to concentrate on this - there was no distraction. The significant disadvantage is that there is no distraction. When we think about how we like to work today, we don't all want to do the same stupid thing. We don't want to do just 08/15. We want to have a "distraction". Of course, mistakes can happen here, but a look at the young generation, how they think, look for their jobs and want to work shows clearly that making mistakes is no longer so dramatic.

Today, employees want to learn, step out of their comfort zone, and have new experiences. There is no longer any interest in doing 08/15 activities that do not challenge the mind. There are still people who don't want to learn anything new, but I am convinced that this is the minority. Most employees are interested in further development. Don't you think so? Just think about what your employees do in their free time. Many of them deal with the latest technology - with their smartphones and their functions, with their cars' technical specifications, or with those of their televisions. As you can see, your employees are probably very familiar with this technology because they deal with it almost every day. They keep up with the times and are continually evolving.

08/15 Work does not make you happy

If we keep this in mind, we quickly conclude that these employees are not satisfied with 08/15 work. How can we now relieve the burden on those employees who are supposed to create added value for the customer? How can they work more creatively? That is relatively simple - by taking these recurring activities away from the employees. Through automation, you can keep the same work away from the employees forever. The automotive industry is an excellent example of this: Parts are no longer put together on the assembly line as in the past but have become more creative. The employee no longer does just one job, but robots support several, and. Cars are still being assembled, but the employees can vary. For example, the robot allows them to install a left, right, or rear door.

Exemplary automation

During my apprenticeship, I also had to work on the post machine. I did nothing else than franking or opening letters. There was already a machine for both, but I had to put all these mountains of notes into the machine. Nowadays, it is much easier to do that, for example, by sending the letter digitally to the Deutsche Post. They do the printing, folding, inserting, and franking in one go. And that doesn't even cost more than the actual postage. In other words, at this point, you no longer need an employee to perform this standard task. No one needs to worry about envelopes, printouts, or the like anymore. Many other processes take pressure off employees. Ordering an information brochure, for example, can run entirely automatically. The customer gives a bot the information about which brochure he wants on the phone, and the computer takes care of everything up to the dispatch.

Employees are essential

However, the more complex the tasks are, and the more communication between employee and customer is required, the less automation is possible. But precisely, these particular topics are exciting. Employees want to do precisely this creative work, and in return, it cannot be automated. It is, therefore, a real win-win situation. By automating standard processes, you create the necessary freedom so that your employees can devote themselves to challenging activities that take them out of their comfort zone, allow them to learn new things, and develop. If you take into account in advance that mistakes can occur and take this into account in your corporate culture, you are well on the way to making your company fit for the future with real added value for customers.

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