Not only since COVID-19 has digitization been an issue from the lone warrior to the large corporation. Digitalization is not just a buzzword but needs an individual definition, preparation, and implementation. Customers today have the best information level ever, and often the customer is better informed than many sales employees.

With Red Teaming, you can put yourself in the customer's shoes. Equipped with this perspective, new possibilities arise again and again, which allow you to be miles ahead of the competition. Nowadays, more and more companies are putting the customer at the center of their business to understand them better. I know it is not enough to put the customer in the center. You have to build your business model around the customer.

Damit meine ich ein Denken weg vom Produkt und mehr in Richtung der Probleme des Kunden. Dazu muss man es individuell mit konträrem Denken angehen. Anders ausgedrückt, es badarf einer maßgeschneiderten Lösung für Ihr Unternehmen. Ob digitale Vertriebswege, automatisierte Prozesse oder dezentrale Daten. Es gibt viele Lösungen.

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