Would you like to start Red Teaming today? Are you facing an important decision? Do you have a critical strategy or plan that you need to test under stress before you give it the green light?

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Through a comprehensive analysis of your strategy, plan, or problem, I lead your team through various analytical, unusual, and contrasting techniques. I work with you and your team to select the right tools for the task, depending on the topic you are working on and how much time you can spend on Red Teaming. We do this together in a virtual workshop or on-site, where I help you and your team apply these techniques to the problem at hand. The primary methods are usually an eye-opener. Red Teaming is hard work and requires a lot of brainpower, but it is also liberating and rewarding. In most cases, the participants have a lot of fun while doing it and for the following activities, questioning them contrarily to present a better plan.

By taking our first break, you will already have gained meaningful insights into your company, raised new ideas, and begun to question your assumptions. You will leave the joint workshop with images and options to which you can respond immediately.

I don't do a formal consultation. I am not giving you the answers because you already have them. They are already within your organization. What I bring are the questions - the tools you need to uncover and respond to them.

Do not outsource the thinking, but keep control. Let me help you use Red Team Thinking to challenge your assumptions, test your strategies, and find your way better in this complex and fast-changing world.


André Daus Red Teaming
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T: +49 (221) 16 53 18-0

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