Do you want to get an overview first, or do you want to see how your employees can work with Red Teaming to achieve better results? Or do you want to get new impulses for future ideas at your next event?

You know your company, your situation, and your employees. You probably also know your competitors and already know that you are facing unprecedented challenges. What you don't know yet is how you can use this knowledge to make better decisions. In my presentations, I will show you examples of companies and situations that have benefited or could have benefited from Red Teaming.

You will see how, with the help of different points of view and contrary thinking, you can use your resources and employees in another way to better cope with the challenges you face.

Let's talk about it!

I offer online and offline lectures on decisions, ideas, group thinking, and red teaming. Gladly also tailored to your company with a problem you are currently working on. There can be no group work in this context, but you will end up with new insights and ideas that you can implement directly.


André Daus Red Teaming
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Are you facing a big challenge, or do you want to learn more details about Red Teaming and how it can help you? Let us talk about it without obligation. Pick a date. I look forward to the exchange.