Will we all soon be unemployed? The effects of artificial intelligence

Endangers Artificial Intelligence Jobs - a question that future expert and advisor André Daus answers


It is undisputed that artificial intelligence is changing the world of work. One question that André Daus is repeatedly asked in this context is whether it will also cost jobs. "To answer this, we must first take a look at the past. Artificial intelligence has not always been there but was invented by humans. We have begun to automate certain tasks with the help of computers," explains André Daus. Suppose you take a look back into the present day. In that case, it becomes clear that specific tasks are already very well taken over by computers, as Daus explains: "Today, for example, chats or appointment booking requests are handled by robots. This is a relatively simple form of artificial intelligence, although increasingly complex, self-learning systems are also being developed. The place where a human being used to sit on the telephone has thus already been eliminated".

This workplace has, therefore, been replaced by artificial intelligence. But Daus argues that the whole thing should be viewed on several levels. "There must also be someone who programs the computer, i.e., a position in the call center is omitted, one for programming is added. And this area usually requires a whole range of new employees. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, we are evolving, certain jobs are being eliminated, and others are being created". The fact is that the technology that has been developed over the last few years has not caused more jobs to be lost than it has created.

"Technological development does not ensure that people suddenly sit at home and no longer know what to do. There is still enough work. The question is only whether you are willing to change and learn more," the expert on safeguarding the future explains. Today, it is still impossible to deduce which jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future and in what timeframe this will happen. We have to adjust to the fact that jobs are no longer future-proof. We have to adapt and develop.

This means continually preparing for change and expecting the working environment to change regularly. "If we do this and become aware that we live in a society that requires lifelong learning, we have a good chance of being able to react to artificial intelligence and the possible loss of our workplace," Daus concludes.

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