Only those who think about the future can create a promising future.

The biggest challenge in any change project is leadership. Don't let your organization become just another statistic. All you need is openness and a proven system for working with leaders and teams.

Change needs to be led, not managed. While they are dictated from the top, they are implemented from the bottom up. Only when the entire organization pulls together can transformation succeed. Leadership plays a central role and can make the difference between success and failure.

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Stop talking about it! Start doing it!

Leadership is not about talking over and over about how things should be done. Show it! Sometimes it's easier to lead by example than to make long speeches. There's no question that sometimes a company needs to be pushed. But it's okay to get your hands dirty sometimes. If you want to show others the ropes, you have to have dug your own hands in the dirt beforehand.

Leadership is not a title. It is a role.

Anyone who rests on a title, such as a leader, is a leader. It's not about the leader. It's always about the people. Even if we try to empower people from the bottom up, they will always look up when it comes to leadership. Leadership still needs to be visible at all levels. It may not permeate from the top down, but it must start right there. Once an organization realizes that leadership is in action, other leaders will emerge on their own.
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Leadership is not art.

You don't have to be an artist to lead. Don't just rely on your head. Use your gut feeling for a change. It's not always about right or wrong, but about whether your team is moving forward. Don't measure in numbers, dates, and facts, but the motivation of your employees. It is not about "I" and "we," but about a "together." As a leader, you have one job: to empower your employees to become great.
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