Critical Thinking


Your framework for successful planning

In today's fast-paced, constantly evolving environment, change is unstoppable. We have to find an answer to it. Otherwise, you will be left behind. To do this, define the goals, the state you want to achieve.

Once those goals are clear, develop a strategy that provides a framework for achieving that goal. Critical thinking and questioning help at this point to establish a robust and future-proof strategy. Only when the strategy is complete, do you begin planning. Planning sets out the path you want to take within the strategy.

Sometimes unexpected problems arise in the process. You should solve them without having to reopen the strategy. You can counter issues with the necessary tactics.

If you never know failure you will never know success

Strategic planning leads to a dead-end

Especially in our world, which is perceived as fast-moving and volatile, we often try to take shortcuts and do the planning simultaneously as the strategy. However, strategy should always be considered separately from planning. Strategy is the framework for planning. It makes the goals visible so that subsequent planning cannot run in the wrong direction.

Without a strategy, the guiding principle is missing.

You have a goal, an idea of where you would like to be. Strategy forms the possible ways to reach this goal. The easiest way may not always be the most efficient and just going for it is not an option either. Developing a strategy that focuses on planning on the goal over the coming time shows you and your team which direction to go. It is the lighthouse by which everyone can orientate themselves at any time.
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What is Red Teaming

Strategies are uncomfortable at the beginning.

Change is rarely fun - at least for those who don't understand it. A good strategy, therefore, explains to everyone involved where the journey is to go. It feels uncomfortable at the beginning. But with proper communication, you can take everyone in the team with you and receive and set valuable impulses. From top to bottom, from right to left, and from inside to outside. Look at a strategy from all sides before you adopt it, and it can be lived.
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