My immutable laws

Immutable laws are the rules of life. They define my company. Unalterable laws are a mixture of ethics, fundamental values, and self-legal law, all in one. They are the rules we have determined for ourselves, almost unconsciously, about what is right and wrong. What is acceptable and what is not. What makes us happy and what does not. They accompany us throughout our lives, and they hardly ever change.

I am curious

I am always looking for new things to discover, new challenges, new knowledge, and new people. Without something new, life quickly becomes tedious.

I love my clients

My clients are the reason for my existence. They help me to create meaningful changes in this world. I am obsessed with customer satisfaction, answering emails, and continuously working to ensure that you feel valued and respected as you are.

Beyond mediocrity

I always give everything, and usually a little more. I am obsessed with exceeding expectations and doing more for you, us, and each other.

Trust is everything

I am a straight communicator, and I mean what I say. I am honest with my clients, my audience, and with each other. If my services are not right for you, I will tell you. If mistakes happen, I take responsibility and work with all my strength to put the situation right.

If you need me, I will be there

Everything I do, I do in the full conviction that it is precisely the right thing to do. Changes are not always easy. If you need help with that, I am here for you, no strings attached.

I am uncomfortable

I act and think unconventionally, and my optimism is unstoppable. I am a lateral thinker. I question beliefs and also deal with unpleasant topics. I am interested in the best result, not in a cozy coffee party.

I have a "nice people only" policy

PITAs, trolls, and other ignorant people who behave maliciously, dishonestly, or idiotically are not welcome - neither in my environment nor as customers. This also applies to any form of age discrimination, racism, sexism, or any other ism that arises from bigotry and hatred.

Dive deep enough to touch the ground

When I work with a client, I dive as deeply as possible to understand the challenges they face. Only when I can touch the ground am I in a position to provide comprehensive assistance.

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