Is the product or the customer the focus?

Can you imagine a business without customers? Probably not, because without customers, no company could exist. Many people say that the customer is king with them and that everything revolves around him. But is that really the case?


The implementation in practice often looks quite different - there, the focus is not on the customer but the own product. You know exactly what characteristics it has, what it costs to produce and sell, what added value it offers the customer, etc. In the rarest of cases, however, the product is aligned as the customer wants it.

What do my customers want?

It is often considered what the customer needs and what needs to be done with the product to buy it. The thoughts are primarily about the product and not about the potential buyer. If you want to focus on the customer, you shouldn't ask yourself what to do with the product and how to adapt it, but rather what the customer wants and what his needs are. It is not always easy to find that out. It is impossible to find out what the customer wants quickly in a brainstorming session - you have to ask him yourself, for example, in an online or offline survey. This way can be used optimally to ask questions about the service and the product.

Purely a matter for the boss

Questioning the customers is the right way. However, it should be noted that this is a matter for the boss. After all, this is about your customers and thus the essential part of your company. If you want to focus on them, don't delegate this critical task directly to the employees, but take care of your customers' concerns personally. Afterward, you can check the results with your employees and set up a corresponding evaluation of the customer reactions.

Buyer Persona - ask the right questions.

Already in the 90s, people were concerned about the people who buy something. For example, when developing software, the users were asked in advance which operation and functions they wanted. The software was then programmed with this in mind - this is how the concept of the Buyer Personas was created. If you google this term today, you will get a lot of templates and templates that can be filled out accordingly. During brainstorming sessions, posters with photos and names, age, life situation, hobbies, and the business situation are collected. Now you have created a persona - or not? The most important thing is missing. At no point is mentioned what the customer wants.

Building the product around the customer

If you want to create a real buyer persona, you must approach customers to understand their needs and wishes. In an interview, you can ask what their actual needs are. When and why a product is bought and why not. This is a lengthy process because it requires a lot of information that cannot be derived from interviewing two or three people. A real Buyer Persona can be created if a large amount of data is evaluated in a relevant way. Based on this, products and services can be adapted accordingly. Unfortunately, customer surveys' extensive scope is often neglected due to convenience, as it takes up a lot of time and energy. However, if you invest there, you put the customer in the center and do not drag him there with empty promises. The customers do not have to move, but the products have to be adapted to their wishes and needs - if this is the case, the customers will gladly and probably always buy.

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